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Our Services

Address Verifications (CPV / Investigation) :
CPV (Contact point verification - Pre-sanction verification) & Investigation for RCU / FCU teams are carried out of the address /telephone nos. of the applicants / guarantors / references. Neighborhood checks & discreet check are also carried out, if required.
Document Checks / title verification / sampling :
Verifying authenticity of documents from issuing authority & also genuineness of title documents and other security documents. Also providing vehicle details from RTO & sale deed details from sub-registrar offices. Also providing samplers as per clients requirement for various products.
Employee Verifications / Vendor verifications :
Employee verifications & Vendor Verifications are undertaken regarding their place of stay & operations, status of previous employment, reference checks, last drawn salary, etc.
Seeding / Mystery Shopping :
We also undertake mystery shopping/ seeding/ investigation of financial intermediaries i.e. Direct Selling Agents, Agencies, Verification Agencies, etc.
Education Document Verification :
Educational Qualification - School, College, Degree, University, Authenticity of the Educational Institute, Duration of the Course, Certifications, GPA and Honors received.
Our Strategy

  1. To provide customized solutions to your unique business need.
  2. Suggest "Simple" and pragmatic solutions to "complex" clients issues.
  3. Develop Policies and processes in sync with the socio economic environment.
  4. Initiate Procedures that empower and reflect on the company's value system, ethics and culture.